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  • Pumice stone comes from volcanic lava and can be used being an abrasive. It’s helpful for removing stains from hard surfaces that can handle withstanding a rough cleaning action. You can use it by itself or in conjunction with a soap. If using any kind of caustic/toxic cleaning chemical always put on rubber mitts and breathing protection if suggested through the chemical manufacturer. Do not forget to visit to read more.Pumice stone can be bought from most hardware stores. You may even find small pumice gemstones at Pharmacies and health shops which are meant for abrasive rubbing on hard calluses and rough spots on ft.There are lots of situations around the house where pumice stone will help in lifting hardened stains and dirt.– Hardened stains on brickwork can be taken off having a gentle rubbing with pumice.– In the kitchen area Pumice may be used to clean surefire Grills, Skillets, Fry pans and Cookware. Surefire and aluminium BBQ hotplates may also take advantage of cleaning with pumice stone.– It’s appropriate to clean most cast products from food, grease and carbon build ups.– Just like brickwork, concrete could be cleaned from hardened and persistent stains having a gentle rubbing of pumice stone.– Porcelain toilet bowls, sinks and basins can usually benefit from cleaning with pumice stone. It’s also appropriate for removing nutrients around taps and drains.The severity of pumice causes it to be ideally suitable for these hard surfaces. However, it’s not appropriate to be used on delicate hard surfaces for example laminate, marble, enamel (for example stove tops), hard or soft plastics. It’s equally not suitable for cleaning any kind of fabric including carpet.To prevent harsh scratches pumice stone ought to be used wet. On very tough stains on hard surfaces using pumice in conjunction with a scraper like a blade or paint scraper might help.Pumice has other uses around the house additionally to cleaning. You can use it to wash and prepare surfaces for painting and to get rid of rust from metal. In Industry, Pumice stone can be used to fabricate lightweight concrete with a host of uses. Visit for more information.Cosmetically pumice can be used an exfoliant and for soothing rough ft.Be careful from the material you will be cleaning is appropriate for that severity of pumice. It’s a good hard surface cleaning material but it may be unforgiving if utilized on surfaces that scratch easily. If uncertain from the material you’ll be cleaning either test a place that won’t be seen whether it scratches or safer still, select a safer cleaning material.

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